Intravenous Vitamins

Most of the food we eat today is high in sugar and low on nutrients – processed too much, shipped too far, and cooked too fast.  On top of that, living in the industrial age exposes our bodies to hundreds of toxic chemicals every day, and these can stay in your body for a long time.

Years of living and eating like this really take a toll on your body.  Eventually, your digestive system is too broken to absorb the nutrients it needs.

It’s not enough just to start eating right (though we’ll help you do that too): You need to hit your body’s reset button.


As you get older, taking oral supplements or changing your diet often fails to replenish your nutrient deficiency.  Why? Because the digestive system is too broken.

Nutrition send the nutrients you need directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the broken digestive system, IV.  This gives you the nutrients that are essential to many functions including:

  • Immune Response
  • Skin Vitality
  • Manage Weight
  • Mental Alertness

Nutrients from IV Nutrition can also hep with areas ranging from athletic performance to migraine prevention.


Sessions are short and pain-free.  Treatment may last as long as it takes your body to recover its ability to absorb nutrients, which varies from patient to patient.

Over time, IV nutrition not only begins to heal the intestine and digestive system, but can also help improve your metabolism.

In summary intravenous vitamin treatment provide many important benefits, chief among these are protection of cells from damage caused by free radicals, support and enhance immune system function, fight viruses, neutralizes  bacterial toxins, removes toxic metals, and  enhanced function of all organs systems. It  is critical for healing many acute and  chronic diseases:

  • High Dose IV Vitamin C
  • IV Myers Cocktail
  • IV Magnesium
  • IM Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid
  • IM B-Complex Vitamins
  • IM B12 (Methacobaltomine)
  • IM Folic Acid
  • IM Vitamin C
  • IV Push Glutathione
  • Glutathione Nebulizer Treatments
  • Hang-Over IV