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Dr. Cherilyn Lee
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Special Recognition, Memberships, Awards, and More!!!

Dr. Cherilyn Lee has been an outstanding member of the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) for over 8 years. Because of her dedication to NAFE, she was nominated for the Call to Service award given by the President of the United States for her volunteer time dedicated to mentoring others. To get this award one must have over 4,000 hours of volunteer work. Dr. Cherilyn Lee received a presidential pin, a beautiful certificate and an honorary letter from The President of the United States. NAFE is the largest organization for women, celebrating 42 years of service. They are headquartered in New York with affiliated networks across the Globe. Their mission is to help women grow both personally and professionally. Dr Lee was also a nominee for the 2014 women of achievement in addition to several other NAFE’s distinguished awards. The NAFE organization is honored to have Dr. Lee as one of their acclaimed members and view her work in the health field with the highest integrity. The NAFE recognizes Dr. Lee’s beautiful heart and her passion shared with helping so many others. Congratulations’ Dr. Lee!

Written by Robbie Motter NAFE Global Coordinator

  • Spencer Institute Life Coach
  • NAACP health committee – Passed Health Chair
  • Ambassador for the Federation of World Peace
  • Workshops Women’s Health
  • Annual participation (A4M conference workshops) The America Academy of Anti Aging Medicine
  • Senator Advisory Health Committee Board – Under the leadership of Senator Diane Watson
  • Acknowledgement from the President of the United Stated “Service Volunteers”
  • Member of the National Association of Female Executives
  • Honorary Board Member for The Rose Breast Cancer Society since 2003
  • Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science- 2015 Preceptor for the new Physician Assistant program

Dr. Lee serves as an Honorary Board Member of the first of its kind School Based Health Clinic built on Centennial High School campus in Compton CA. Dr. Lee was inspirational in designing specific treatment protocols for adolescent and teen health as wells as protocols commensurate with serving underrepresented communities in health professional shortage areas. This clinic was implemented in accordance with the Newly Health Care Reform and Affordable Care Act.

She serves as Medical Board Member for 4xWellness Inc. with Legendary Board Member Dick Gregory.

Dr. Lee has been named the Ambassador of the Women’s Federation of World Peace which was established in 1992 and is in 143 countries.

  • Mother of the Year – 2010 National Association of Female Executives’
  • National Association for Professional Women: Woman of the Year 2010
  • Certificate of Recognition: City of Pasadena Vice-Mayor Jacque Robinson
  • Professional Excellence Award: City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
  • Professional Excellence Award: State of California – Senate Senator Holly J. Mitchell
  • Certificate of Recognition: California Legislature Assembly Assembly member Chris Holden, 41st
  • Commendation: County of Los Angeles Supervisor Mark Ridley- Thomas, Second District
  • Certificate of Recognition: California Legislature Assembly Assembly member Mike Gatto, 43rd
  • Certificate of Recognition: California State Senate Senator Carol Liu
  • Certificate of Recognition: City of Los Angeles Council member Herb J. Wesson, Jr,
  • Certificate of Recognition: California Legislature Assembly Assembly member Steven Bradford,
    62nd District
  • Certificate of Recognition: City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
  • Man In The Mirror B & G Productions
    • I was blessed and honored to receive such a dignified & prestigious award “Man In The Mirror Award” from B & G Productions, Michael Jackson – The Gloved One Ultimate Fan Tribute
Dr. Cherilyn Lee, founder of Nu-Wellness Expo, An annual event. Nu-Wellness Conference theme is; Join us for the annual N U (In You) Is Where Wellness Begins. “Prevention is Priceless” Dr. Cherilyn Lee focal point is to promote positive dialogue focused on ways to expand public awareness and collaborations within the health care delivery systems. Achieving higher levels of consciousness, care coordination, chronic care management, and preventive care for our communities. Discuss strategies and outcomes regarding the most effective tools to expand health access and awareness, early detection, early diagnosis, working towards “A greater healthier outcome”. Special Event/ Fashion Show featuring Cancer Survivors
  • Women’s Empowerment Summer Advance
  • 20th Annual Women’s Federation for World Peace 2012
  • 39th Annual Cancer Convention – ‘Doris Mosley speak’s on how Dr. Cherilyn Lee saved her life’
  • 39th Annual Cancer Convention 2011 – (CRT) Contact, Regulation, Thermograghic saved her life with no radiation, non evasive harmless & pain free
  • Certified Seminar Leader – 2009
  • Dr. Cherilyn Lee – nationally acclaimed Author, Producer, Orchestrator and format developer of the first time ever designed audio book entitled “Written Before I was Born.”
  • Dr. Lee wrote her special recipe for healing called “Detox Soup Rescipe which is a therapeutic aspect to detox the mind and the body”, including meditation and healing “Detox the Mind and Body”
  • Dr. Lee is the women’s health expert and writer for the online magazine, E The Magazine For Today’s Female Executive; www.female-exec.com.
  • Dr. Cherilyn Lee makes a cameo appearance in the movie, ”Crakula Goes to Hollywood”, where she accepted the role of doctor in order to promote abstinence from crack-cocaine.
  • Dr. Lee hosts and produces a one-hour weekly radio show: Drleehealthtalk.com/thecherilynleehealthshow
  • Dr. Cherilyn Lee has a health radio show that is an enlightening internet radio talk show, dedicated to exploring the advancements of natural health, integrative medicine and self-discovery. The Cherilyn Lee Health Show invites informative practitioners/medical doctors to discuss various topics such as:
  • “Breast Health for MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN!”, “What is EECP?, “What foods are making you sick? And what food should you avoid”, “Numerical Psychology”, “What do you do with a resistant INFECTION?”, “Push beyond the Pain”, “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease”, “Are you aware you have NEUROTOXINS in your teeth!”, “How your Emotions affect your Blood Cells”, “How to Turn Your Mitochondrial on for Optimal Health”
  • Numerous Speaking Engagements on KJLH and many others.

 Dr. Cherilyn Lee makes a cameo appearance in a movie. . .”Crakula Goes to Hollywood”

A mysterious man from Alaska, known to be from the dark side, becomes addicted to sucking crack blood. He single handedly ends up cleaning the streets of Hollywood of all crack users and drug dealers.


Dr. Lee completed her training as a Registered Nurse from Southwest Community College in Los Angeles, California.  She obtained her education and graduated in 1982 as a Physician Assistant from Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Sciences in Los Angeles, California and later became a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner.  She received a Ph.D. in Nutrition from Clayton School of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama and is certified in Energy Medicine.  She is also a Certified Natural Healthcare Professional.  Dr. Lee completed a nutrition class at Southwest College in 1977.  Additional credentials, just to name a few include: Certification in Energy Medicine, Life Strategist Coach from the Spencer Institute, Stress Management and Quantum Reflex Analysis, Certification in IV Nutrition, with the American College for Advancement in Medicine.  Dr. Lee prides herself in attending the yearly symposium as well as monthly seminars’ to remain abreast in all of the latest and current modalities’ related to integrated medicine.

Dr. Lee was inspired to attend Clayton School of Natural Health by meeting one of the professors of the university at a medical seminar. This professor contributes to WebMD and other health websites. The professor has a rewarding career as a leader in natural health and healing which spans over three decades. She is a prolific author and educator.  Lastly this professor’s best-selling book, Healthy Healing, is used as a textbook at many higher educational institutions, teaching natural health courses.   This professor, who profoundly inspired Dr. Lee, received some of the first United States patents for herbal formulations for her women’s hormone-balancing formulas.

Dr. Lee’s decision to become a doctor/healer was formed at the age of seven.  She wanted to impart the element of compassion in the medical field to all patients with various conditions.  As a survivor and a healed being, Dr. Lee has dedicated her life to serving the specific needs of her patients.

After working for multiple HMOs, hospitals, private practices and in federal prison medical units, Dr. Lee determined there were alternative methods of healing.  The first level of healing of any condition, must access the emotional component.  Therefore, she started Nutri-Med Integrated Healthcare Center, Inc. because she believes that the primary goal of patient treatment and care should be focused on mind, body, spirit and emotions for complete healing.

Dr. Lee, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Founder of the former Nutri-Med Integrated Healthcare Center, Inc. is now known as Nu Wellness Healthcare Inc. (NWHC).  NWHC is a Comprehensive Alternative Family Healthcare Center that offers alternative medicine and a more holistic/integrated approach to dealing with common diseases and ailments.

Dr. Lee has been a healthcare practitioner for more than 30 years in the community.  She believes that “You’re only as healthy as your cells in your body.”

At NWHC, Dr. Lee practices integrated healthcare.  She specializes in Concierge Medical Services (services provided in your home or office), treating: high blood pressure and diabetes; PSA testing and prostrate examinations for men; pediatric healthcare; IV Vitamins/Hangover and Oral Chelation treatments;  IV Treatments for drug abuse and other medical/nutritional conditions, diagnostic screening from echocardiograms to carotid auto rescreening liver, ultrasound of abdomen, vascular screening. She also

offers full body ultrasound screening in the comfort of your own home. Pain management, carpal tunnel treatment, neuropathy, Treatments for women with urinary incontinence, physical examinations, lab testing, gluten testing, environmental testing and epigenetic testing.  Hepatitis treatments are also available to assist the healing process and so much more!

NWHC specializes in: Bio-Energetic Meridian Assessment (BEMA); Energy Medicine; Hyperthermia Full Body Treatment; Comprehensive Nutrition/Diet Evaluation; Quantum Medicine; and Pain Management. NWHC newest addition is Epi-Genetic Screenings that are done in the comfort of your home.

The clinic’s anti-aging/weight management program has been hailed as dynamic in helping women reach their ultimate health potential.  “The program adds youth to your appearance”, states Dr. Lee.

According to Dr. Lee “You cannot restore the health of patients in 20 minutes.  “Prior to the initial consultation, my patients, unlike at other clinics, fill out an in depth questionnaire including nutritional, dietary and sleep assessments.  I not only do a medical examination, I do a nutritional examination, also”, explains Dr. Lee.  Her holistic approach and healing touch has been beneficial in helping her patients in their healing process.

Dr. Lee formulated a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization.   Dr. Lee provides FREE Stroke Screenings and Breast Cancer Screenings and Valley Fever information and education.  An education documentary is currently in progress.  She also conducts workshops that educate both men and women – about the dangers of stroke and the benefits of early diagnosis. “WOMEN MUST EMPOWER THEMSELVES AGAINST STROKE”.   Thanks to the wonderful generosity of Edam Diagnostics, her non-profit company provides FREE screening for breast cancer for women, men and children, that is non-radiation (Inferred Thermograph) and not painful.

Dr. Cherilyn Lee is an advocate of breast screening health for men, woman and children, as well as stroke screening through Integrative healthcare.  These two conditions are now the two leading causes of death and disabilities we are face with today.  Inflammatory Breast Cancer known as IBC, is now not only affecting women but now taking the lives of our teenage girls. The screening that Nutri-Med Wellness provides is painless, no radiation and free. This type of screening would easily cost $500 and up.  

Please note that Dr. Lee charges a small nominal administrative fee.

Dr. Lee performs concierge medicine.   Concierge medicine is where health care services are delivered in the comfort and convenience of your home or office environment.  All Dr. Lee’s services, including initial consultation, testing and treatment are conveniently delivered in the familiarity of your home or office.

Dr. Cherilyn Lee will be one of the consultant for Hughes Productions film, Michaelgate, which is the greatest story NEVER told about Michael Jackson and Michael being the victim of an elaborate extortion scheme in 1993 that launched the false allegations of child molestation.

Dr. Cherilyn Lee is a proud mother of three beautiful daughters and grandmother of nine grandchildren

Special Recognitions