Nu Wellness Expo

Dr. Cherilyn Lee, founder of  Nu Wellness Expo

Join us at our 1st annual N-U (In You) Wellness  Expo Conference;

This is a FREE conference that is open to ALL on a first come first serve basis, so please make sure you RSVP before we run out of space. To RSVP please use the online form to the right of email Dr. Cherilyn Lee at

N U Wellness Conference theme is:  “Prevention is Priceless”

Dr. Cherilyn Lee focal point is to promote positive dialogue focused on ways to expand public awareness and collaborations within the health care delivery systems.  Achieving higher levels of consciousness, care coordination, chronic care management, and preventive care for our communities.

Hear first hand, incredible stories on life threatening conditions and how circumstance positively changed the outcome!

Our special guest and keynote speaker is the amazing acclaimed minster, inspiring activist and community leader, renowned author Rev. Cecil L “Chip”. We also have a variety of other wonderful distinguished speakers who will cover different aspects of health and wellness. The latest information and research on some of the leading health topics, such as stroke screening and lupus.

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 There will be Panels – Workshops & Events as follows:

  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating, diet revolutionize, better food choices

  • Special Event- Purple Carpet Fashion Show- featuring clients who have overcome a challenging journey!

  • Discuss strategies and outcomes regarding the most effective tools to expand health access, awareness &life style changes

  • Early detection, early diagnosis, working towards “A greater healthier outcome”

  • And So Much More!

We welcome everyone including, All Health Capacities including Residency, Psychiatry, Psychology, Nursing and Therapy Students, All Health and Mental health Professionals, all members of the community as well as health advocacy groups are welcome!

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For questions please contact Dr. Cherilyn Lee at 310-419-4300 or email at