Nu Wellness Healthcare, Inc. is a comprehensive Alternative Family Healthcare Center that offers alternative medicine and a more holistic/integrated approach to dealing with common diseases and ailments.

Breast Cancer Screening

Because of my own family’s background with breast cancer, I have established a non-profit (501 c3) organization to provide FREE breast cancer screening. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of Edam Diagnostics, my non-profit provides FREE screening for breast cancer for women, men and children.  Please note that we charge a small nominal administrative fee.

Now that inflammatory Breast Cancer is on the rise with teens, screening is more imperative now than ever before.  It is not been detected by either a mammogram nor an ultrasound.

Eidam CRT 2000™ Thermographic System – The Science of Contact Regulation Thermography

The CRT 2000™ Thermographic System is a non-invasive, radiation-free, reproducible thermographic tool that measures the temperature of pre-determined skin points and analyzes that data to provide a healthcare practitioner with information that may be indicative of irregular body functioning.

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Inspiring video of Doris Mosley on how Dr. Cherilyn Lee saved her life!

Dr. Cherilyn Lee was one of the key speaker’s at 39th Annual Cancer Convention at the Sheraton Universal-Hollywood, California in 2011 in which Doris Mosley give’s her dramatic journey on how the (CRT) Contact, Regulation, Thermograghic saved her life with no radiation, non evasive harmless & pain free.

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Meet Dr. Cherilyn Lee, PhD

Dr, Cherilyn Lee, a Holistic Integrated Health Practitioner, believes in the  power of natural healing modalities. “I have suffered and survived eczema, where I was scheduled to have both legs amputated at age 7 years old. Thanks to a wonderful physician my legs were saved through his daily care and treatment plan. My number one prayer is to give back to others what has been given to me. And that’s quality healthcare.”

Our topic: Are You Seeing The Right Practitioner For Your Condition?

Our topic: Auricular Medicine…A New Way of Healing Without Medication.

Listen to a powerful testimony of a patient!

Written Before I Was Born™…The Audio Book Series

cd-sTravel with Cherilyn Lee through her journey from devastating childhood illness, bullying and healthcare practitioner. Learn how the power of forgiveness brought her through two comas, one taking her into hell’s darkness and the other taking her into heaven’s light. Follow her along her path of receiving a gift through marital infidelity (she found lipstick on his shorts-chapter 7), meeting Michael Jackson (chapter 13—Flying with the Eagles), meeting angels along her life’s journey, and much more.

The 5th CD, “Detox the Mind and the Body Will Heal” is an a.m. meditation guide, detox recipe to start your day, and a p.m. meditation guide.

To purchase “Written Before I Was Born™”, please contact Dr. Lee at or call 310-419-4300.

A downloadable version is also made available for purchase at CD Baby, please CLICK HERE.

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